Feeding the Homeless

I am not one to toot my own horn and because of that I almost did not write this blog post, but slowly I am realizing the importance, in the grand scheme of things, of going against my personality of being a private person who does not like the spotlight and just doing what I do not for others to see but because I want to help someone and make a difference in their life. Again, slowly, I am seeing that if I share my story  it is not self-applauding but I can maybe inspire someone else to help someone and make a difference in their life and maybe there will be a multiplier effect and it will just EXPLODE! So here goes.

I believe in the Christian God and I think if you have read some of my other blog posts you would have seen where I have discussed the whole idea of purpose. So, on this journey called life I have been trying to figure out my purpose. Why is it that I am alive, how do I justify my existence? Besides the automatic roles of wife, child, sister, friend, serving the Creator, etc., there has to be more than getting up every day, playing the will I get to work on time? game (believe me the little adrenaline rush that comes from repeatedly looking between the speedometer and the clock on the drive is a bit necessary because it takes my mind of the destination at least for the duration of the drive), doing the mundane, rolling your eyes a lot, counting the minutes to quitting time, then do the “me” stuff (exercise, writing, etc.), sleep, then repeat with a few changes on weekends. So, on this journey I was told that I should be feeding the homeless. Of course, I automatically thought BIG! FOOD TRUCK! – restaurant on weekdays to finance mobile soup kitchen on weekends. But, there is the tiny matter of how do I pay for the food truck in the first place so in the interim I have downsized and came up with another plan.

Here is what I have started doing. I get a freezer bag (go to Bashco and don’t worry about buying name brand ones, the ones in Bashco are more than adequate), and I pack an easy to open canned item (read: something you don’t need a can opener for), a pack of crackers (I choose cream crackers not water (tuff) crackers just in case the people don’t have teeth), two small tetra pack box juices (no fridge so can’t pack anything that needs refrigeration or needs to be cool to taste ok), another little snack (something sweet perhaps, I put in sandwich cookies) a fork and napkins. I put it in my car and when I see someone who needs it I just hand it to them. I did this for the first time last week because I had these big plans about buying things in bulk to save money and I just was not getting to Pricesmart, etc. and I decided I just needed to start so I did. So I am sharing my idea with you and you can put your own spin on what goes in the bag. Maybe you can only feed one person a month. I am not suggesting that anybody break the bank to do it. I certainly will not be able to feed 30 persons per month. Maybe you can do something as a group. Maybe you will not necessarily feed people on the street but you probably know someone who is struggling financially in your community so you will cook a little extra and either invite them to dinner or send them some dinner. It is up to you. Just remember that it only take a spark!

Food Packet
Food Packet

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