Attitude of Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving Day and although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Jamaica, I think it is a good idea to stop and reflect about the things we can be grateful for, and we should do this more than once a year! Especially since there are so many things that we really cannot control that we do not look at as gifts like illness and death.

Now back to the lighter side. There is an article written by Lindsay Holmes in The Huffington Post titled “100 Things To Be Grateful For” and this inspired me to make my own list (not necessarily of 100 things and including some of the things on the Huff Post list). Here goes:

Today I am grateful for (in no particular order):

  1. My health. Even though the doc said I eat too much dairy and fried foods and I am trying to get my adult acne and eczema under control, that’s about it for complaints.
  2. Friends. Friends are the family you get to choose!
  3. Food. Unlike so many people in the world I have never gone to bed hungry or couldn’t afford to buy food.
  4. Opportunities to inspire others. 
  5. Opportunities to volunteer.
  6. My old co-workers. I hope (and I think I will) be able to say this about my new co-workers as I start a new job next week.
  7. When your favorite song comes on the radio. Thanks Zip.  Current favourite: Renegades. 
  8. When your dog is so happy to see you. Except the dog is just a little too happy.
  9. Family. 
  10. New friendships.
  11. Getting lost in a good book.
  12. Baking. Christmas tree brownies coming up!
  13. My other half.
  14. Alone time. Definitely required. 
  15. December 22nd. These shorter days are the pits.
  16. Comfortable shoes. (Hello LifeStride, I am giving a free advert).20151121_072940
  17. A great pair of jeans. 
  18. Sibling bonds. 
  19. A perfectly-made cocktail. Any day of the week.
  20. Or wine. 
  21. My parents.
  22. Friday nights.
  23. Being understood. 
  24. A great joke. 
  25. Long weekends. The second best thing next to long weekends? Four-day workweeks.
  26. Sunsets. 
  27. The feeling you get after a long walk or a good swim. 
  28. Having the bed all to yourself. Starfish!
  29. Comfort food. 
  30. The moment when you can’t control your laughter. 
  31. The glee you feel when you find an extra dollar in your bag.
  32. A good cry. 
  33. A good night’s rest. I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like so when I get a little extra… awesome!
  34. Concerts. Rebel Salute here I come!
  35. Opening a present.
  36. Sex. 
  37. Lunch time.Now that I have a lunch room I will take my lunch time away from my desk.
  38. Running water.
  39. Old songs. 
  40. Random run-ins with your friends on the street. 
  41. Hitting every green light on your commute. 
  42. Bubble wrap. 
  43. That feeling you get when you fix something.
  44. Getting free stuff without doing or buying anything. 
  45. Life.
  46. Faith in God.
  47. Rain.
  48. Toastmasters.
  49. Sunshine.
  50. Good customer service.

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