Saying yes…

Last year, I guess I subconsciously decided to say yes to all “invitations”. Invitations to events, invitations to help… you get the picture. I am an introvert and me, myself and I have an awesome time when we are together, alone. I know though that sometimes you really do have to interact with others. I also know that outgoing persons, persons who don’t think twice about saying yes rarely make the time for people like me. So if an invitation gets turned down often enough, it stops being given. Us introverts know that the possibility exists that we may actually accept the invitation some time in the future and that when the invitations stop coming we definitely won’t be inviting ourselves anywhere.

That said, what I have learnt is that I actually can do more than I thought (I invariably need a longer “people detox” but I am learning to cope). Also while it is possible to say yes to everything, you will run yourself into the ground if everything, ends up being a long list of things, so prioritizing is very, very important. I have learnt this the hard way. So ensure that the people and the things you are spending your time with/on are actually worth it. And yes as much it it will be difficult and you will be in emotional upheaval sometimes you really have to choose between two people/things that are worth your time unless of course you have figured out a way to clone yourself.

If you do an internet search you will find many hits if you search for “saying yes to everything” and some of it is positive, some not so. It just boils to it not being about what you do but how you do it. So if you feel like you need to say yes a bit more often, I say go for it. Pick a period of time (maybe a week or a month) and stick with it. See how it works for you and then you will know how to move forward.

This year started out for me in a very different place than last. Last year, I was rearing to go, optimistic about the future, ready to conquer the world. I achieved some of the things I set out to do and I am not wailing over the ones I did not. This year, though, I am in a place of anxiety. If you have ever been anxious, you know that it is hard to do anything when you are in this state. So I am starting out slowly and quietly, trying to learn from my lessons of yesteryear. I am actually writing this blog post because I am procrastinating. I am supposed to be doing something very important but I am not because I am very anxious about it so I am writing trying to calm myself down. What I am certain about is that the older, now wiser me will still be saying yes but, I will be cutting myself some slack and hopefully this will mean getting a bit more sleep.



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