It is Day 3 of my participation in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project and at 11 p.m. Jamaica time, I have just emailed my poem for today. Today was a busy day, lots to do, not enough time, even without the “work work” I was meant to be doing but could not, because I apparently left my flash drive at work. Yesterday, I wrote my poem at the salon while waiting for my sister to get her hair and nails done.

It is almost 12.01 a.m. Monday which will mean I have another poem due. A few weeks ago when I told Kwame Dawes he was going to be my editor I said I did not have time to write, he rubbished the notion. He was right. All I needed was a little structure and some discipline and the 30/30 Project is providing that.

Writing is hard work and it is all the time work. I write in the moments just before I fall asleep, on the drive to work , while eating lunch. I try and have many muses because sometimes a muse does not translate to words on the page.

Life is full of challenges, some you choose, some get bestowed upon you. I have known that the 30/30 Project existed for a while but I was always afraid that I would not be able to live up to the challenge of writing a poem a day for a month. Fast forward to the end of June and the start of a new year of my life. A year meant for doing the impossible, for getting the things done that I have been putting off, to live a happy life (as my Alex and Ani bangle says), to be where exactly I want to be. I responded to the email about the 30/30 Project and although I had known about the project, I had not investigated it (very atypical for me, but it was probably a good thing). I thought all I had to do was write a poem a day for 30 days. Alas, when I got the response to my email indicating my interest in being a part of the project for July, I realized that I was also supposed to be raising funds.

I do not have a fundraising bone in my body. I donate money not raise it.Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead. I am not yet on as intense a fundraising campaign as I plan to be but I have gotten two donations already! Thanks Steven and Richard 🙂 and responses to say “i will support you” so there will be a little more money coming even as I crank up the fundraising machinery.

If you would like to read the poems, click here (Joni Jackson) and to donate click here.  My poem for today may not get posted until tomorrow; however, but it will be there. Keep checking back for more poems as the month progresses.






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