My umpteenth post on Gratitude

I am taking part in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project and my thirty days ends in three. I should be writing my poem for day 27 (it is still July 27 in Jamaica) but I am too tired to think, on the one hand, and am overwhelmed by the sense of gratitude I am currently feeling.

I think gratitude is the one word that best sums up the calendar year I have been having so far.

I am grateful to God for being alive, for the wonderful transformation that is taking place in my life and for showing his awesomeness time and time again when I definitely thought that this was it.

I am grateful for my awesome family, the ones related by blood and the ones I chose but especially to my number one fan and supporter of all my endeavours, even when he feels a bit neglected, hubby.

I am grateful to Tupelo Press for having this project that has thought me some discipline, even though I have failed at times (thanks to Karen, for asking where the poems are when she doesn’t see them).

I am grateful for a great team at work.

I am grateful that I am learning so much about myself.

I am grateful that I can say I participated in a Poetry workshop that was led by someone who would become a Pulitzer Prize Winner in 2015.

I am grateful for my “checkers-in” (that’s my name for the people who are always the first ones to send that Whatsapp message to ask “how you doing?”).

I am grateful for mango season and the only thing I want is for the neighbour’s mangoes to be ready so I can get some and pretty soon it will be time for guinep season! in earnest.

I am grateful to be a Toastmaster at the best club in Jamaica, the ICAJ Toastmasters Club, and to be working with an excellent team. I am grateful for Toastmasters in general, because it has become a huge part of who I am.

I am grateful for my mentors. I just need  one more, so hopefully you will see another post that says “he said yes” LOL.

I am super grateful that I can afford to buy books, even though I can’t buy all the ones I want. I could buy more books if I bought less fried chicken so maybe that will become my strategy – Eat less, read more.

I am grateful to everyone who has been supporting me throughout the past 20 odd days, whether you did so with a monetary contribution or just reading the poems. They actually had a map showing where the readers were from and of course Jamaica was on the map! Thanks again!

If you have not yet donated, there is still time. To donate visit Joni’s Donation Page  and to read the poems go to Tupelo Press 30/30 Project.









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