Sometimes gifts don’t come in pretty boxes

The worst thing about being a human is humans.

I have a chronic disease. It is called “always thinking the best about people/always giving the benefit of doubt (even when past events would steer any logical person in a different direction)”. It has been; however, impossible to live my life any other way. This often leads to a lot of disappointment and sadness but also many lessons. Maybe I am not learning the lessons as well as I could or perhaps this is the way things are meant to be.

These lessons; however, have been in many cases gifts. Gifts that at the onset may not have seemed to be gifts at all. They did not come wrapped in pretty paper, with a bow and a lovely card wishing me well. Instead they may have come with tears and feeling low but when I think about it long enough, I see the gifts. Affirmations that what I believed was true, is true, even though I may have wished it was not to be so. So with my skin just a wee bit tougher than before, my life goes on with the people I can count on and the people I am meant to help.

Earlier this year I was faced with a couple of situations involving people and being lost about how to handle the situations. I thought about them, I talked to other people about them, thought about talking to other people about them, and I prayed about them. Both times the answer that came back was “love”. If you love someone, you will help them, wish them well etc. I have been trying to show the love even when its hard, even when human nature wants to take over and do tit for tat, but sometimes its hard.

In the grand scheme of things and despite the hours, minutes and days that are lost to depression, there is in fact more good than bad in the world and those really badly wrapped gifts often hold great surprises.



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