It’s a new year!

It goes without saying that I haven’t made a blog post in a while. There wasn’t the customary “I am going to blog more this year, New Year, new possibilities!” post at the start. It has been a rough start to the year and it really has not started to get better as yet.

Apart from the New Year starting on January 1, there are so many other new years that happen during the year so there are many occasions for new beginnings if I want. There is the new financial (work) year starting on April 1, the new Toastmasters year starting on July 1, my birthday etc.


This week, people all over the world celebrated Holi and though half of my family is of Indian descent, I have never really paid attention to the customary observances throughout the year. But this year I decided to see what Holi is all about. For one, visually it looks exciting with all the brilliant colours and I am sure it would be fun to be in a “powder fight” that ends up with everyone looking like a rainbow.

Historically, Holi is celebrated to mark the beginning of Spring. It is a time to be truthful, to forget hardships, to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. It is a time of togetherness, a celebration of the power of community, a time to give gifts and spread cheer, to forgive. I think this is a good way to start the year, so I am starting my year this week, in the middle of March, and celebrating Holi for the rest of the week, minus the colours.


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