Lessons from a body pillow

Confession: I have a body pillow.

I was inspired to write this blog post after looking at photos of expectant parents sleeping and no, I am not expecting. However, in the few seconds that I spent looking at these photos, I remembered that I did not sleep with my body pillow last night. (And no, body pillow is not being used as a synonym for something else).

I got this body pillow a few weeks ago. I had seen these body pillows in Pricesmart and had been trying to justify this particular purchase until eventually I got hubster to agree to get it for me. I think if he had said no I would have just gotten it anyway, but I digress. Before the body pillow, I have always needed lots of pillows. I am a bit of a pillow hog and I usually sleep on my right side with a pillow between my legs, along with all the other pillows in the bed.

Since I got the body pillow I have been sleeping with it every night, except when I have not been sleeping in my own bed and I did toy with the idea of transporting it to my parents’ house when I went to visit for the weekend. The helper, however, does not really know what to do with the body pillow and when she makes the bed she usually leaves the pillow in a corner of the room on top of some miscellaneous items. Usually, I just take the pillow up when I am going to bed, but this morning I woke up and realized that the pillow was still in the corner! I had slept without the body pillow and actually had a good sleep!  So this afternoon as I was looking at the sleeping parents, after a cup of coffee infused Swiss Miss I was not supposed to have, I ruminated on the lesson of the body pillow: sometimes we think we cannot do something but if we just let go we will realize that we can.


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