For a friend on her wedding day


I thought about getting you a card that would say exactly what I wanted to say to you on your wedding day but with your pending move I did not want to add to the things you have to make a decision about taking along or leaving. As I said at your shower, you will figure it out [together]. There is not manual, there is no blue print. You both create the marriage and the life together that you want. Make your own rules. Love without ceasing.

There will be unhappy moments, but for every unhappy moment there will be several good ones. Don’t let the bad moments overshadow the good. Focus on making happy memories. Your boat will stay afloat as long as you remain true to yourselves and the commitments you will make to each other today. Do not forget the commitments even though there will be times that you may feel like the best thing to do is to renege.

Laugh and smile often, cry only if you must. Pray. Have fun. My wish for you is that when you are both in the twilight of your years together that you will be able to say like Elma Mitchell in her poem “Well-worn” that everything has been worn, nothing worn out.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! 



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